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Spam Policy

eRSVP takes a no-tolerance approach when dealing with Spam and other types of unsolicited email. eRSVP does not endorse "Spamming" to or by users, through the use of the eRSVP Service ("Service").

eRSVP defines Spam as any type of unsolicited email used for any purpose. This includes, but is not limited to: Using a non-existent return email address when sending commercial solicitations, mail-bombing (sending numerous messages to the same user), and subscribing a third party to a mailing list without the third party's permission.

eRSVP reserves the right to immediately terminate Service to any user using the Service for such purposes. eRSVP will not distribute or otherwise divulge user's personal data, or other data, to third parties. eRSVP will not send any communications to users or non-user event participants, other than as required for the performance of the Service, and notices pertaining to the services, as requested. All notices to a party shall be in writing and shall be made via email. eRSVP may broadcast notices or messages through the Service to inform user of changes to the Service, or other matters of importance; such broadcasts shall constitute notice to user.

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