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eRSVP offers robust technology and marketing solutions at a flexible prices to meet the diverse needs of meeting planners and professionals.

eRSVP's two services — eRSVP Standard and eRSVP Max.


For planners who plan a small number of events annually, eRSVP Standard offers a pay-per-use solution that requires a minimal upfront Set-Up Fee and an RSVP Fee for each registration processed. These event fees vary in price based on event size and type. Alternatively, for those who plan a larger number of events annually, eRSVP offers custom licensing solutions that can be co-branded or privately labeled for an annual fee.

eRSVP licenses its patent-pending technology on a per event, monthly, co-branded or private label basis.


eRSVP Max, designed for industry professionals and certified planners, offers a diverse toolset for events of any scale and complexity. Complete with multiple surveys, track management, flexible ticket definition and page-by-page registration logic, Max is immensely customizable. Max incorporates all planner requests in one easy to use package.

Other products and services

eRSVP offers many industry-related premium services, including custom invitations, custom event registration websites, broadcast communications, credit card merchant account integration, custom reports, data mining & analysis, and database management.

If you are interested in leveraging eRSVP's web-based products or experience, please contact our Sales Team to discuss a solution that best addresses your needs.

For more information, an eRSVP Sales Representative can be reached at:
Telephone: 212.201.7799
Email: Sales Team

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