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There are many direct benefits to using eRSVP. eRSVP is simple, secure, and manageable, and it allows you, the meeting planner, the freedom and control to make your entire meeting a success.

  • Freedom and Control
  • A solution tailored to your needs
  • Your "command center" for event registration
  • Open channels of communication
  • Powerful and Secure
  • For any event — use eRSVP

Freedom and Control

Bypass the tedium of event registration–focus on creativity and better business.

In seconds, eRSVP collects and generates information that used to take hours to compile. Collect, organize and view guest responses in real-time–as attendees RSVP to your event.

Click a button to download the data to a spreadsheet. From there it’s easy to create guest lists, nametags and registration activity reports.

Save time–no more typing response information from registration forms. eRSVP uses patent-pending online response technology to create a database automatically.

As you plan the big event, eRSVP helps reach your guests, track RSVPs , survey guests and send reminders. Notify attendees of agenda changes while you build a list of contacts.

Collect ticketing and donation payments securely online–eRSVP deposits the funds automatically into your account.

A solution tailored to your needs

Become a member with minimal obligation. No need to install software or upgrade your hardware.

Offer your clients, guests and VIPs a customized end-to-end solution accessible to anybody with a web browser and Internet connection.

Your command center for event registration

eRSVP automates event registration, payment processing and guest list management. It helps you save valuable resources better spent managing an event.

eRSVP's patent-pending technology lets you create an event web presence in minutes. Our branding and design services seamlessly integrate eRSVP features into your existing website.

Enjoy increased exposure for your event and give your guests the freedom to register online. Whether you have a web site for your organization or not, eRSVP is your event registration solution.

Open channels of communication

Guests are increasingly web savvy. Thanks to the Internet, event guests have come to expect immediate and unlimited access to information. Your event is no exception.

Interact with your guests long before–and long after–the event date. Attendees need a lot of "TLC," including agendas, maps, weather reports. Reminders, updates, newsletters–and 24/7 support.

Guest demands play to your strengths

Web-enabled audiences respond rapidly to email invitations. They appreciate the immediate gratification of a multi-track information and registration system available online at any hour–eRSVP.

Informed guests make the best guests

Even if you are temporarily unavailable, your guests can access up-to-the-minute event information through eRSVP. If guests need assistance, online help is a click away and our staff is ready to answer questions.

Make your guests work for you

eRSVP's web-based interface ensures that attendees complete their registration forms. Our report builder gives you custom registration reports, survey results and guest lists. It organizes the information for you instantly. Again, you have the option to download the results to your spreadsheet program for further use.

Powerful and Secure

eRSVP uses an Oracle® database to provide industry-leading data management ability. Our site is protected with secure-socket layer technology and is endorsed by Verisign®. Your client information and financial transactions are secure with eRSVP.

We maintain a strict Privacy Policy regarding information collected through the eRSVP.com site. Information about your guests cannot be accessed except through your password-protected member account. You choose whether guests can see other guest names when they R.S.V.P.

eRSVP will not disclose information about you or your guests to third parties without your express permission. eRSVP allows guests to access planner contact information in case they have questions about an event.

For any event — use eRSVP

You already know the what, when and where — we help you focus on the how, who and now.

Make eRSVP your registration solution for any event–or use it to expand your existing system. Use only the features you need. The benefits will show themselves.

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