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What we do

Response Managemet

eRSVP.com's attendee response management system — driven by sophisticated workflow processes — enables you to provide fast, effective responses to attendee questions and registration needs.

eRSVP creates an event-specific web site for 24x7 online attendee registration. You can assign the web address or event keywords. Using the registration website, you can efficiently respond to inquiries and give your attendees consistent information.

eRSVP.com tracks RSVPs and key event information on a real time basis. You access your manager account and view RSVPs 24/7 from any location on the web. Instant RSVP processing and report availability enables you to tweak your event plans based on attendee responses, feedback and attendance.

To drive RSVPs, use eRSVP.com to send text or HTML email. When attendees respond through your event web page, they can:

  • Register for the event
  • Complete questionnaires or registration forms that you create
  • Purchase tickets, pay membership dues and/or make donations
  • View a list of other attendees (or be blind to that list — you decide)
  • Leave messages on the event bulletin board
  • Contact you — the meeting planner — directly
  • View Agenda, Hotels, and Transportation information
eRSVP assures more complete attendee responses by allowing attendees to receive relevant information and timely attention. Ask attendees any questions you like, and choose which critical information is required.
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